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Bippity Boppity Events is a princess & character entertainment company located in Phoenix, Arizona that travels to you for parties & events! Please browse our website to find packages/pricing, available characters and to meet our royal cast.

We can't wait to add a little magic to your special day!

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To book with us please email the following information to bippityboppityeventsaz@gmail.com.

your name & Phone number

Date & address of event

Name & age of Child

Package of interest

Which character?

*All parties between May 1st & Mid-October MUST be held indoors

*If at any point a performer feels they are unsafe, in a hostile or unclean environment (drugs, smoke, pets, food, mud/dirt etc), they have the right to leave the party/event. This also applies to any extreme weather.

Packages & Pricing

Activities: Face painting, makeovers, nail painting, and/or temporary tattoos

60 Minutes

  • Character Interaction
  • Interactive Story time
  • Singing, Music & Dancing
  • Character Themed Games
  • Choice of 1 Activity
  • Photographs & Autographs

1 Character- $175

2 Characters- $260

3 Characters- $375

90 Minutes

  • Character Interaction
  • Interactive Story time
  • Singing, Music & Dancing
  • Character Themed Games
  • Choice of 2 Activities
  • Photographs & Autographs

1 Character- $215

2 Characters- $325

3 Characters-$415

2 Hours

  • Character Interaction
  • Interactive Story time
  • Singing, Music & Dancing
  • Character Themed Games
  • Choice of 3 Activities
  • Photographs & Autographs

1 Character- $270

2 Characters- $375

3 Characters- $515

Activity Choices

Makeovers: Our princesses will use eyeshadow, blush, lip gloss & glitter to give your birthday child and their royal friends a princess makeover! The birthday child gets the honor of holding the magic mirror! Makeup is non-toxic and disposable applicators will be used for each child.

Temporary Tattoos: The perfect activity for a group of princesses and princes. Our princess has a variety of tattoos to choose from to make sure all royal guests are included!

Nail-Painting: Our princesses love to paint your little ones nails! It is great for larger groups and we have a color for everyone!

Face-Painting: Fun for all! Our princesses will paint iconic symbols found in their stories; from red roses, to ice magic there is something for everyone! The birthday child gets the honor of holding the magic mirror. Face-paint is water based and washes off with water and mild soap. Please note if you are including a bounce house for your party, face-painting is frowned upon!


Tiara & Coronation add on -- $20

Fairy wing add on -- $15

Unicorn horn & face gems-- $20

Payment is due at the end of your party and is collected by the performer via cash or check. We ask this is done away from the children to preserve ​the magic. A paper copy of your invoice will be provided at this time. Our princesses are on a tight schedule and may have another party to head to ​after yours, so please have payment ready to hand to your princess before your party ends.

Important Reminders

  • Payment is due at the end of your party and is collected by the performer via cash or check
  • Please have payment ready to go before the end of your party to prevent delays. Your ​princess must leave at the agreed upon time to make it to their next party in time
  • Parties between May 1st and November 1st MUST be indoors with air-conditioning. If these ​conditions are not met, your princess will have to leave the premises.
  • Gratuity is welcomed and goes directly to the performer bringing magic to your party
  • A travel fee may be added if your party/event if it exceeds over our included 15-miles (both ​directions) from 85044. This also goes to the performer.

Invite one of these princesses or characters to your next party or event!

Don't see the character you are interested in? Please reach out and we can let you know if they ​are currently available/when they will be available!

***It is not Bippity Boppity Events intention to violate any copyright laws. All characters are not name branded copyrighted characters. They are inspired by ​well-known stories and iconic characters. We do not represent any licensed characters and are not affiliated with any theme parks or companies with similar ​characters. Any resemblance to any well-known characters is coincidental.**

Upcoming Events

Barbie at The Playhouse August 17th- ​More details soon!

Cinderella at The Playhouse August ​25th- More details soon!

Meet the Royal Cast

Breana is 26 years old and is the owner of Bippity Boppity Events. She has performed with several princess companies in the Valley and loved it so much she decided to start her own!

Her hobbies include sewing, spending time outdoors and reading! She loves to travel to new places, but her favorite places to visit are Disney parks. She has a ton of experience babysitting and nannying and loves creating magic for others around her.

Her favorite princess is tied between Ariel and Rapunzel because they both are creative, adventurous and kind. She also loves Elsa because of her strength and love for her sister.

Jordan is 29 years old and is the very first addition to the royal cast! She has always dreamed of being a princess because of her love of kids, Disney & performing (She has a beautiful singing voice!) She cannot wait to bring joy and magic to children in her community! Three words that best describe Jordan are sweet, passionate and professional.

Her hobbies include watching Disney movies, playing and watching sports and spending as much time with kiddos as she can! Her go to snack is oreos and her favorite thing to drink is coffee.

Her favorite princess is Moana because she admires her strength, bravery and determination to carry on the legacy of her family.

Bella is 18 years old and currently attends Syracuse University in New York, but is originally from Arizona. She loves working with kids of all ages and when she is not in class or studying, she is working at the campus daycare. She has been performing on stage for 14 years and is looking forward to combining her love for kids and performing while she is in Phoenix for summer and winter breaks. Three words that best describe Bella are motivated, passionate and outgoing.

Her hobbies are reading, baking, listening to music, playing ukelele and taking photos! Her go to snack is popcorn and her favorite drink is sweet tea or a shirley temple.

Her favorite princess is Belle because she is also a bookworm! She loves that Belle stands up for herself and what she believes is right.




How do I book a princess party?

Use the link in our Instagram bio or Send an email to ​bippityboppityeventsaz.@gmail.com that includes your name, email, phone ​number, address and date of event, which character and package you are ​interested in and any special requests you may have. Once this is complete, ​you will receive a response within 24 hours from our team.

How far in advanced should I book?

We accept bookings up to 4 months in advance but suggest booking at least 1-2 months before your party/event. We always try to accommodate last minutes bookings (even day of), but we can’t make any guarantees.

Can we tip the performers?

Absolutely! This is not required but very appreciated! Our performers spend a lot of time prepping to create the most magical experience possible while also doing everything they can to help the party/event run smoothly from start to finish.

Do you require a deposit?

No, we do not. If you must cancel, we ask you try to let us know

as soon as possible.

What is your event/corporate pricing?

Please send an email to bippityboppityeventsaz@gmail.com for

pricing and availability.

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fee will be a travel fee depending on your location.

This will be provided at the time of booking.

Does my princess party need to be at my home?

No, it does not! Our princess will travel to you. Common places we travel to outside of the home are parks, rec centers, pizza places and even party centers.

What time will the character(s) arrive?

The performers will arrive to the designated location a few minutes early and will enter at the agreed upon time. If the characters are running late, they will call/text you as soon as they know. They will stay late to make up for any lost time.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Our princess come fully prepared with all materials needed for the selected activities. We ask a table and a few chairs are set up for the characters to utilize for activities such as face painting, make overs and nail painting. A large, open space is appreciated for story time, singing/dancing and games.

When do you take payment?

Payment is collected by the performer after the party via cash or check. We ask that this exchange is done away from the children to help preserve the magic.

Get in Touch

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How to Apply!

Do you want to join our Royal Cast & spread magic to our community? We are always accepting applications!

We are looking for applicants 18+, available on weekend, loves kids, has performing experience, no/ non-visible tattoos and has reliable transportation.

If that sounds like you, send the following information to bippityboppityeventsaz@gmail.com

  • Professional Resume
  • Performing Resume
  • Headshot (this can be taken on a phone, we are looking for a clear, non-edited, smiling with teeth photo)

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